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Step inside, and you'll notice right away how bright and airy Nest feels, thanks to its soft white laminate and woven wall coverings. At the same time, it's homey and cozy, urging you to recharge and unwind after a day spent exploring. High-end, plush fabrics add extra touches of sophistication and comfort. And everywhere you look, it's lighthearted, modern style.

Nest was designed to elevate any getaway. Whether you spend your days relaxing, exploring, or anything in between, Nest's design choices make your time that much more inspiring. With Nest, you can do it all - clean up, cook, unwind, and rest - in style and comfort.

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Location: SOUTH BAY

Year: 2019
Length: 16
Sleeps: 2
Weight: 4000
Exterior: White
Interior: Clutch Blue
Stock #: E5928
VIN #: 1STC66C10KJ720125

List Price: $47,287



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Staff Photo  Jackie S.   Adventure Advisor 

My favorite part of my job is helping a Guest find the perfect Airstream to start their Airstream Adventures. I always try to make it a fun experience. A lot of my Guests have dreamed of owning an Airstream and I feel like I am fulfilling their dream when I get to help them. The happiness I feel for my Guests when they pick up their Airstreams makes my job one of the best I’ve ever had.

Before I worked at AANW, I used to drive by the dealership and tell my friends that someday I would sell Airstreams. When I thought the time was right, I just walked in and applied for a sales job at the dealership. There was no posting, but like my Guests who inspire to own an Airstream, I was inspired to sell this beautiful product.

  • Who inspires you? I have a friend named John Priest who has a business as a well-known National Car Sales Trainer. He’s always positive and upbeat!
  • What is you secret talent? I used to ride a Harley and still enjoy riding as a passenger. I also used to be competitive racquetball player.
  • Super Power of Choice? Flight. The positive energy and excitement a Guest has when they purchase gives me a natural high.

Staff Photo  Jeremy M.   Adventure Advisor 

My favorite part about selling Airstreams is making people happy and enjoy life to the fullest.  I love the sleek design.  I have liked Airstreams for a very long time.

  • Who inspires you? My parents inspire me to be the best that I can be.
  • What is you secret talent? My secret talent is that I am a very good basketball player.
  • Super Power of Choice? Super power of choice would have to be to be able to fly.

Staff Photo  Cody B.   Adventure Advisor 

My favorite thing about selling Airstream is creating a unique and exciting experience for each guest. The energy that is generated from assisting in the selection of a person's home away from home is infectious! This positive force is what drives me to show up to work every day thrilled to help our guests embark on their next adventure! I love the rich history and the thoughtful, iconic, beautiful design. I decided to join the AANW team because the product is something I can proudly represent, and the company culture reflects my personal values.  

  • Who Inspires you? My grandmother inspires me to enjoy life. “If you want cake have a slice of cake, life is short!”  
  • What is your secret talent? My secret talent is that I am an artist. I can also make a dolphin noise and swim backwards in a pool.  
  • Super Power of choice? I’d love to fly! 

Staff Photo  Michael B.   Adventure Advisor 

I enjoy the smile and sparkle Guests have when they approach the dealership. It's a commonality when we greet that we both know a little of Airstream's heritage, reputation and mystique. Each Guest has a unique story about why they chose to come by Airstream and it’s interesting to learn about what led them here. An interest in Airstream often acts as sort of a pre-filter to a good conversation because of the kind of person who is excited by everything Airstream.

I liked Airstream originally as a young child. They looked so much like the trailers in cartoons and my Grandma always excitedly pointed them out on summer vacation road trips to Montana.

It's also great to represent something I have respected for so long. I wanted to work with a good team and found it at Airstream. The culture is positive. It's also 1.6 miles from my home, which adds to the quality of my non-work life.

  • Hometown? Oregon City. I went from kindergarten through high school here. Whitefish, MT is a close second because of familial ties.
  • Who inspires you? Franklin Roosevelt.
  • What’s your secret talent? I'm a pretty good swimmer.
  • Super power of choice? The “super senses”.

Staff Photo  Dusty Y.   Adventure Advisor 

One of the great things about working in this business is that you are truly selling fun and adventure.  The more you learn about Airstreams, the more you love them. There is nothing like them on the market today. Nothing! What a joy it is to be able to represent a product like that. Plus, I really believe that AANW gets it when it comes to our main purpose. We sell Memories & Adventures that are the very best in the luxury travel industry.

  • Who inspires you? Muhammad Ali. I caught on to him early in his career and at that time most people didn't realize his persona was just bravado and that he was a wonderful human being.
  • What's your secret talent? I'm a decent chess and poker player. Both are similar, a lot of skill is required and luck occurs in both games.
  • Super power of choice? Flight would be fun, but invisibility would be the best.

Staff Photo  Christina T.   Adventure Advisor 

Our Guests are quite unique in the fact that they are looking for quality that will last a lifetime, and I am the one who can help them find the perfect Airstream to fit their needs.  Sometimes, I’m not sure who is more excited, the Guest or me! I love sharing the camping or "glamping" experience with them as they embark on new adventures!

I have been in the industry over 15 years but have never encountered the Total Guest Experience as I have while working for Airstream Adventures Northwest.  We are all in it together, from detail to service to our accounting and support staff. Everyone is just as excited to provide the best possible experience as I am.

  • Who inspires you? My husband Michael. I am very proud of him, and his support is boundless.
  • What's your secret talent? I used to do stand-up comedy! A short but incredibly fun time.
  • Super power of choice? My family calls me the Dog Whisperer. When we get together and they bring their dogs, all the dogs end up on my lap! I love it.

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